MFH DevOps/Cloud Support Polices

Please go through below MFH Support Policy and confirm after reading carefully.

At MFH DevSecOps Consultation & Support Services, below are the Work support policies

MFH Support Engineer Policies :

  • SE to notify 15 days before going on Leave for more than a day, failing to do so will impact Variable pay.
  • Variable pay will be paid always at a delay of 15 days after 10 hours of eligible hours for Variable Pay Ex : Supported for 15 hours but elegible hours are 8 hours for varible pay, SE need to wait for another 2 hours to get the variable pay released after 15 Days
  • SE to respond promptly and connect with Requestor/Client during the agreed timeslot
  • Need to share Signedoff timesheet to claim for Payment.

MFH DevOps Support Requestor Policies

  • Rs.500 for every change of Support Engineer
  • MFH Doesn’t guareetee successful completion of Tasks / Deployments but we give our best try to complete your requirements.
  • Fixed Timeslot need to be agreed with Support Engineer and no support will be provided out of the agreed timeslot.
  • Signoff in timesheet is mandatory after every session.

You can call MFH on (+91)7989319567 to discuss further.

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