Realtime Program

(AWS/Azure/Azure DevOps/DevSecOps)

🔥 Make a great career decision by joining MFH Realtime Program (AWS/Azure/Azure DevOps/DevSecOps) to stand out of the crowd.

Program Highlights

  1. Business Client projects
  2. Beginners to Advanced Labs covering all Topics
  3. Access to Learning Management System for Labs, Realtime Projects & Theory

👨‍💼 Who can join ?

  • Aspirants not yet trained.
  • Being Trained / Trained on AWS/Azure/Azure DevOps/DevSecOps
  • Switching Domain
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Technical Leads / Managers

💸 Fees :

Rs.20000 Rs.16000( Limited time offer ) You can pay in Instalments. Credit Card Facility Available

⏱️ Duration :

12 Months (Lifetime at Rs.10000 extra)


Below are few of our End to End Client Projects for your reference. You will be part of those kind of Live projects once you are onboarded

Sample Projects

☁️ AWS

☁️ Azure

🏛️ Training on LMS

🎥 Realtime Program Overview / Demo Video

Join DevSecOps Realtime Program for handson to Realtime Business clients (Ex : IBM, Wipro). Call on +917671801206 / whatsapp on

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