Realtime Program

Make a great career decision by joining MFH Realtime Program (DevSecOps/AIOps/MLOps/Data Engineering/Data Analytics/AWS/Azure) to stand out of the crowd.

Realtime Program (Learn with Client’s Projects) & Job Opportunities Demo Video 

Program Highlights

  1. Business Client projects
  2. Beginners to Advanced Labs covering all Topics
  3. Access to Learning Management System for Labs, Realtime Projects & Theory

Who can join ?

  • Aspirants not yet trained.
  • Being Trained / Trained on AWS/Azure/Azure DevOps/DevSecOps
  • Switching Domain
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Technical Leads / Managers

⏱️ Duration :

4/8 Months/Lifetime

Below are few of our End to End Client Projects for your reference. You will be part of those kind of Live projects once you are onboarded

Sample Projects

☁️ AWS DevOps

☁️ Azure DevOps

️ DevOps Training on LMS

️ Data Engineering Training on LMS

Project Oriented Training

Realtime Program Overview / Demo Video

Join DevSecOps Realtime Program for handson to Realtime Business clients (Ex : IBM, Wipro). Call on +917989319567

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