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Simple steps to get Project Support

Step 1

Submit your AWS/Azure/Azure DevOps/DevOps Project Requirement.
MFH Architects analyse your requirement and Accept / Reject.
If your project is Accepted we proceed to Step 2

Step 2

MFH Provides you Quote and you may Accept / Reject.
If you have accepted the Quote, proceed to 30 min Consultation with Screen share session to check the capability of the Engineer / Architect.
If you have accepted the Engineer, pay only 50% at the start and remaining 50% at 80% completion of the project. If Task Delivery is not successful 14.2 % will be returned back.
If next level Engineer (L3/Architect) is involved, hourly charges will be 20% higher.
A project ticket / Epic in JIRA will be created for your requirement and a Project Manager will be assigned to track your project delivery.

Step 3

We document deployment in detail.
We provide you/client detailed Demo and share recoding for the same. 
We provide you access to the test deployment to let you understand & simulate the same in your production with our Architect's support.

Happy Learning

We will finish your AWS/Azure/Azure DevOps/DevOps projects as per your requirement

happy learning

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MFH will complete your required AWS/Azure/Azure DevOps/DevOps project

Once you submitted your required AWS/Azure/Azure DevOps/DevOps project to us, we will start working on your project.

Let’s Work together on your Project.

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