Devops Jobs

Job No Position Name Company Name Job Post Date Location Exp Required JD/Skills Required Apply Jobs
119 Devops Intern Sigmoid Frogs 22-04-2024 Mumbai 1+ years AWS, Kubernetes, Jenkins Apply
118 Aws Admin IGT Solutions Private Limited 22-04-2024 Remote 8+ Years aws,azure cloud administrator,Terraform,Lambdas,Cicd Pipeline,Python Apply
117 AWS Devops Engineer People Prime Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. 18-04-2024 Pan India 8+ Years AWS Cloud  Apply
116 AWs/DevOps Engineer Walking Tree Technologies Pvt. Ltd 15-04-2023 Agra, Noida 7+ years DevOps, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker Apply
115 Azure Engineer Delta cube 15-04-2023 Pan India 2+ years Azure Apply
114 AWS Security/ Azure DevOps Capgemini 13-04-2024 Pan India 6-9 years AWS, Azure Apply
113 AWS Cloud engineer Cloudxchange 10-04-2024 Mumbai 6M to 2 year AWS Apply
112 AWS Solutions Architect Mastech Digital Pvt Ltd 09-04-2024 Remote, Offshore India 8+ solution architect “, ” Solution Design “, ” Solution Architecting “, ” Cloud Architecture “, ” LLD “, ” High Level Design “, ” Low Level Design “, ” Enterprise Architecture “, ” Enterprise Architect “, ” java Apply
111 Cloud Developer Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services 05-04-2024 Remote 4+ AWS, Amazon S3, Redshift, RestApi, Webservices Apply
110 DevSecOps Engineer Softenger it solution pvt ltd 05-04-2024 Malaysia 3+ CI/CD ,Azure DevOps server , Jenkins, scripting and programming languages (Bash, Java and .Net), Linux Apply
109 SecOps Engineer Quess corporation 05-04-2024 Hyderabad 3+ IAM, Proxy server Apply
108 AWS Devops Engineer Teamlease Digital Pvt. Ltd. 04-04-2024 Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata 5+ years AWS, Devops, CI/CD, Docker, Linux, Jenkins,Azure, GCP Apply
107 Devops Engineer Initatefirst information service Pvt. Ltd. 02-04-2024 Pune 5+ years DevOps Jenkins, CICD Pipeline, GitHub, AWS Apply
106 AWS Cloud intern F13 tech 01-04-2024 Remote 0-2 years AWS Apply
105 Deviops Engineer Codekart 30-03-2024 Bhubneshwar, odisha 0-2 years GIT,Docker, AWS Closed
104 QA Engineer TCS 30-03-2024 Remote 6+ years Kubernetes, Linux, Python, Ansible, Terraform Closed
103 Devops Engineer TCS 30-03-2024 Remote 7+ years AWS- EC2, S3, SQS, EKS, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, EBS, SCM Tools Closed
102 Devops Developer Persistent Systems Limited 29-03-2024 Pune 8+ years AWS, Devops, Cloud Formation, Terraform, CI/CD Pipeline, Docker Closed
101 IAM Engineer TQuanta Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 28-03-2024 Bangalore, Pune, Chennai 4+ years IAM, Ping Access, SAML, Ping Federate Closed
100 Devops Engineer Xebia IT Architects India Pvt ltd. 28-03-2024 Jaipur 3 years DevOps, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, CICD Closed
99 AWS Admin Pyramid IT Consulting Pvt Ltd. 26-03-2024 Hyderabad 8+ years DevOps, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, CICD Closed
98 Devops Lead Walking Tree Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 26-03-2024 Noida 7+years DevOps, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, CICD Closed
97 Devops Engineer Ample Enterprise Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 23-03-2024 Hyderabad 7+years AWS, Devops, CI/CD, Docker, Linux, Jenkins,Azure, GCP Closed
96 QA Engineer Hiring Cruise 22-03-2024 Remote 6+ years Automation Testing, AWS, Terraform Closed
95 AWS Devops Nityo Infotech 21-03-2024 Pan India- Hybrid 5+ years AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Jenkins, GIT, Prometheus Closed
94 Devops Engineer Sree Aditya Sofyware Service Consultant 20-03-2024 Bangaluru 5+ years AWS, Jenkins, Pipeline, Git, Docker, Kubernetes Closed
93 AWS Engineer Pyramid IT Consulting Pvt Ltd. 20-03-2024 Pan india 4+ years AWS, Devops, CI/CD, Docker, Linux, Jenkins,Azure, GCP Closed
92 Devops Engineer CGI Information Systems & MGMT Consultants Pvt. Ltd. 19-03-2024 Bengaluru, Hyderabad 4+ years AWS, Devops, CI/CD, Docker, Linux, Jenkins,Azure, GCP Closed
91 Cloud Engineer Tekworks Enterprise Solutions Pvt Ltd. 18-03-2024 Hyderabad 8+years CI/ CD tools, Jenkins, GIT, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes Closed
90 Devops Architect SRI Consultancy 16-03-2024 Noida, Gurgaon, New Delhi 5+ years CI/ CD tools, Jenkins, GIT, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes Closed
89 Lead Devops Engineer Walking Tree Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 14-03-2024 Noida 7+ years AWS, Devops, CI/CD, Docker, Linux, Jenkins,Azure, GCP Closed
88 AWS Devops Engineer Captum IT Pvt. Ltd. 14-03-2024 Pan india 5+ years Devops, AWS, S3, VPC, Lambda Closed
87 AWS Architect Coders Brain Technology Pvt. Ltd. 14-03-2024 Bangalore, 8+ years AWS, Iaas, AWS Architect Closed
86 AWS Cloud Ops Engineer Samniya Avionics Techsys Pvt Ltd. 12-03-2024 Chennai, Bangalore 5+ years AWS Admin, Operations, AWS Component Closed
85 AWS Administrator & AWS SysOps Administrator Pytamid IT Consulting Pvt Ltd. 08-03-2024 Hyderabad 7+ Years AWS, CloudFormation, Docker, EBS, DevOps, Sysops, NAT, Auto Scaling, Cloud watch, route53, Administration Closed
84 AWS DevOps Engineer Technomic Placements 08-03-2024 Pune, Bangalore, Gurgaon 6+ years AWS, Gitlab, Terraform, Ansible, Jira Closed
83 Aws Engineer – L3 Is squared India Pvt Ltd. 07-03-2024 Huderabad 8+ years AWS, Networking Concepts(TCP/IP, DNS, VPN) Closed
82 Lead Azure Data Engineer Pamten Pvt ltd. 06-03-2024 Chennai , Coimbatore 7+ years Azure data Factory, Azure Sql, Azure, ETL, SQL Closed
81 Sr DevOps Engineer Tele global communication Pvt Ltd. 06-03-2024 Pune 6+ years AWS, Azure, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins Closed
80 Data Analyst intern Carat Lane 05-03-2024 Chennai Fresher to 1 year Data Engineer Closed
79 DevOps Engineer Cod Cores Pvt Ltd. 05-03-2024 Remote 1-3 years AWS, Azure, GCP Closed
78 IAM Operational Support Onward Technologies Ltd. 05-03-2024 Pune / Chennai / Bangalore 5+ Years AWS IAM Closed
77 IAM Developer Fouren Technologies 04-03-2024 Chennai, Noida, New Delhi 4+ years AWS IAM Closed
76 DevOps Engineer Global Solutions 02-03-2024 Jaipur 3+ years AWS, Azure, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins Closed
75 DevOps Developer AquSag Technologies 02-03-2024 Noida 5+ years Git, CI/CD , SonarQube, AWS Closed
74 DevOps Engineer Kairos Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 01-03-2024 Pan India 6+ years AWS, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Gitlab, Docker, Kubernetes Closed
73 DevOps Engineer Nest Digital Private Limited 29-02-2024 Bengaluru / Remote 5+ years Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, maven, Gitlab, Groovy PowerShell, docker Closed
72 Azure ML Architect Libsys Inc 28-02-2024 Bengaluru / Hybrid 5+ years Azure, Devops Closed
71 DevOps Platform Admin Altezzasys systems Pvt ltd. 27-02-2024 Mumbai /Pune / Remote 5+ Years Jenkins, Ansible, SonarQube, Gitlab, AWS Closed
70 Devops Engineer Primus Global Technologies 23-02-2024 Remote 4+ years Azure, AWS, CI/CD, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Prometheus & Grafana Closed
69 Azure Infra Solution Architect Spruce InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. 22-02-2024 Remote 4+ years Azure Closed
68 Devops Engineer Zyoin Group 22-02-2024 Bangalore 2-3.5yrs docker, Kubernetes, terraform, ansible, Aws Closed
67 Azure Developer Spruce InfoTech 21-02-2024 Pune 5+ years Azure, CI/CD, Jenkins, Gitlab Closed
66 Devops Engineer SquareOps Technologies 21-02-2024 Gurgaon 2+ years AWS, CI/CD, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Prometheus & Grafana Closed
65 AWS Architect Sage IT Pvt Ltd. 20-02-2024 Mumbai, Pune 7+ years AWS OPS, EC2, Lambda, Cloud Front, Azure, Terraform, Closed
64 SH- AWS Engineer Moolya Pvt ltd. 19-02-2024 Bengaluru / Remote 4+ years AWS Closed
63 Azure ML Architect Libsys Inc 19-02-2024 Bengaluru / Remote 5+ years Azure Closed
62 DevSecOps Engineer ITVISION PRIVATE LIMITED 16-02-2024 Pune/ Gurgaon 4+ years Pune/ Gurgaon Closed
61 Cloud Engineer SHARP CONSULTING GROUP 16-02-2024 Mumbai / Remote 6+ years Aws, Gcp, Terraform, Cdn, scaling, Load Balancing, CloudWatch, IaaS, PaaS Closed
60 SR Azure data engineer Sperdian technologies 15-02-2024 Bangalore / Remote 3+ years Azure Closed
59 Cloud solution Architect Tele global communication Pvt ltd. 15-02-2024 Pune / Remote 5+ years Aws, DevOps Closed
58 AWS Engineer Cognizant Technology solution India Pvt ltd. 15-02-2024 Chennai 3+ years AWS Services Closed
57 Azure cloud Architect Codi city 14-02-2024 Coimbatore/ Bengaluru/ Chennai / Remote 7+ years Azure, CI/CD Closed
56 Jira Admin Servirala sri lakshmi pvt ltd. 14-02-2024 Bangalore/ Remote 12+ years JIRA, Devops, SonarQube, Closed
55 Devops Engineer HT media ltd. 14-02-2024 Remote 3+ years Aws, Devops Closed
54 Azure Engineer Amanzi Technologies 13-02-2024 Gurgaon/Noida/ Pune 7+ years Azure, Azure data bricks Closed
53 Devops Engineer Xander Consulting and advisory private limited 12-02-2024 Dehradun 8+ years CI/CD , Git, Jenkins, AWS, Python, Terraform, SonarQube Closed
52 AWS solution Architect AGILE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS 12-02-2024 Bangalore 5+ Years AWS Closed
51 Azure cloud engineer TCS 09-02-2024 Delhi/Remote 2-8 years Azure ,AWS, VMware Closed
50 Devops Engineer CA one Tech 08-02-2024 Bengaluru 5-7 years Terraform, GCP, Devops, Cloud Infrastructure, Jenkins, Ansible Closed
49 Cloud Technical Support analyst Beyond soft 08-02-2024 Remote 5+years Linux, AWS, CI/CD, Python Closed
48 Devops Engineer Antino 07-02-2024 Gurgaon 2+years IAC, Terraform, Kubernetes, Cloud Formation, EKS, Linux Closed
47 Devops Support Engineer SPG Consulting & Soultions service pvt ltd. 07-02-2024 Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram 4+ years AWS, Lambda, beanstalk, Administration, cloud, GCP Jenkins Closed
46 Azure Developer Miracle software systems 06-02-2024 Visakhapatnam 2+ years Azure Closed
45 Cloud Devops Engineer Temenos 06-02-2024 Bangalore 2-8 years AWS, Chef Closed
44 Devops Engineer prabha solutions pvt ltd. 05-02-2024 Bangalore 3+ years AWS, Linux, Devops Closed
43 Cloud Engineer Primus Global Technologies Pvt ltd. 02-02-2024 Hyderabad 8+ years Azure,, AWS IAM, Kubernetes Closed
42 Cloud Devops Engineer Pamten Pvt ltd. 02-02-2024 Hyderabad 5-10 years Azure, terraform Closed
41 Cloud Devops Engineer One data software solution Pvt ltd. 02-02-2024 Pan India 0-5 years AWS, Azure Closed
40 Devops Engineer Solicitude It services 02-02-2024 Mumbai 6+ years Devops AWS Terraform Docker Ansible Jenkins Closed
39 Devops Engineer Digital Flake 02-02-2024 Pan India 1+ years AWS, Azure, GCP, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible Closed
38 Devops Engineer Softener it solution Pvt ltd 01-02-2024 Pune 2-4 years Aws, terraform, ci/cd , ansible, python Closed
37 Devops Engineer Ship rocket Pvt ltd. 01-02-2024 Gurgaon 2-6 years Devops Engineer Closed
36 SR. Devops engineer cloud Sufi India Pvt ltd. 31-01-2024 Noida, New Delhi, Ghaziabad, Pune, Faridabad, Gurgaon 7-15 years AWS, Terraform, AWS Security, Network Security, CI/CD Closed
35 AWS Data ENGINEER Pinaki Softcon Pvt ltd.(HCL Technologies) 30-01-2024 Pan India 5-10 years AWS, Python, Linux, Terraform Closed
34 Production Support diamond pick 29-01-2024 New York 4+ years Linux, Devops Engineer Closed
33 Sr. AWS Engineer Orange Siri Pvt ltd. 27-01-2024 Coimbatore 8+ years AWS, Vmware Closed
32 Devops Engineer Alpha Money 27-01-2024 Gurgaon 5+ years CI/CD, Ansible, AWS managed services (Amplify, Cognito, API Gateway S3, Aurora, DynamoDB, VPC internals, DevOps services Stack, ECS/ EKS with Fargate, MSK, Elasticsearch etc.) Closed
31 Devops Engineer Techno trust Solutions 25-01-2024 Noida, Gurgaon, New Delhi 7-15 years CI/CD, Ansible, AWS, AZURE, GCP, Terraform, Git, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes Closed
30 Devops Engineer Infiheal 24-01-2024 Pan India 1+ years AWS, Terraform, CI/CD, Python Closed
29 AWS Cloud Engineer Samsung India electronics private limited 23-01-2023 Noida 4+ years Aws, python Closed
28 Devops Engineer Zyoin Group 22-01-2022 Bangalore 6 months -2.5 years docker, Kubernetes, terraform, ansible, Aws Closed
27 Devops intern Juppiter AI Labs 20-01-2024 Noida 1+ years Azure, AWS, Devops Closed
26 AWS Devops Engineer Turingit 20-01-2024 Austin, TX 2+ years Docker, Devops, AWS, Kubernetes, Jenkins Closed
25 AWS Cloud Native Developer AGILE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS 19-01-2024 Pune, Gurgaon 4.0 – 8.0 years CICD Toolchains,AWS,GIT,EC2,ECS,VPC,Subnets,CodeBuild Closed
24 AWS Elastic Search IT Global Consulting Pvt ltd. 19-01-2024 Pan India 6+ years AWS Closed
23 Devops Engineer Star Agile 19-01-2024 Pune 0-3 years Devops Tools Closed
22 Devops Engineer Rockline tech champ inf pvt ltd. 19-01-2024 Hyderabad, Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram 6-15 years Devops , LDAP, Python , Ansible,Linux,Git,K8s,Docker,Splunk Closed
21 Devops Engineer Triade Consulting Solutions 18-01-2024 Hyderabad, Telangana 5-7 years Jenkins, cloud, python, git Closed
20 CLOUD DATA ENGG Anblicks 17-01-2024 Hyderabad 8.0 – 13.0 years Docker, Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, Git, Azure, AWS Closed
19 AWS Integration Engineer iTroSys Technologies 17-01-2024 Bangalore 6-9 years AWS Closed
18 AWS Engineer Seventh edge consulting services Pvt ltd. 16-01-2024 Pan India 5-10 years AWS, Python Closed
17 Devops Engineer Info trends Software Solutions 16-01-2024 Hyderabad 2-7 years AWS, CI/CD, JIRA, GIT, Docker, Terraform, Containerization, AWS Infrastructure, Bitbucket, Monitoring Tools, MYSQL Closed
16 Cloud Architect Datavail 12-01-2024 Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad 8-20 years AWS services- EC2,RDS,EBS,VPC, Cloud Trail , cloud watch, RDS, experience in disaster Recovery Closed
15 Devops Engineer Avsar ventures 12-01-2024 Bangalore 3 years Devops tools Closed
14 Devops Engineer Persistent Systems 11-01-2024 Pune 5-10 years Ansible, Jenkins, Terraform, Git, AWS, Jira Closed
13 Azure Data Engineer Fixity Technologies 11-01-2024 Pan India 5-10 years Azure, Data bricks, python, data factory Closed
12 senior Devops engineer NTT Data business solution Pvt ltd 11-01-2024 Hyderabad 8-12 years AWS, Devops tools Closed
11 AWS Cloud Engineer Bloom Media 10-01-2024 Indore, Madhya Pradesh 4+ years CI/CD, AWS, Shell Scripting, Terraform Closed
10 Devops Engineer Synechron 10-01-2024 Hyderabad 8+ years docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift Closed
9 Senior AWS Infra Primus Global Technologies 09-01-2024 Hyderabad 7+ years Terraform, AWS, CI/CD Tools, Docker, AWS Code build, code pipeline, SQL Closed
8 Devops Engineer Nityo infotech service Pvt ltd 09-01-2024 Pune 8+ years AWS, Jenkins, Terraform and Experience on migration of legacy application(Java& Spring boot application Closed
7 AWS cloud Admin Rk Informatics Pvt ltd 09-01-2024 Hyderabad 6+ years AWS, Docker ,Azure, Terraform Closed
6 Devops Architect ResourcePro 09-01-2024 Karle Town, Adjacent to Manyatha Tech Park, Bangalore 8+ years Jenkins, Docker, virtual machine, Sonar Qube, Linux, Azure, Aws, Scripting Code, Node JS, Python Closed
5 Node and AWS Developer Kapil consultancy Recruitment services Pvt ltd. 08-01-2024 Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune 6+ years Node.js, AWS, Express, JavaScript Closed
4 Automation Test engineer Nuvento Systems 08-01-2024 Bangalore, Trivandrum, Kochi 2.5+ years Azure Devops, Jenkins, GitHub, Automation exp in web and mobile playwright& Integrate of test reports of automation with azure Devops Closed
3 AWS Data ENGINEER mlops solution pvt ltd 08-01-2024 Hyderabad 8+ years AWS, Redshift, experienced Aws using glue, Large volume data migration, data modeling Closed
2 Devops Engineer Adecco 08-01-2024 Hyderabad 5-10 years Aws, Kubernetes, ci/cd pipeline Closed
1 AZURE Devops Lead Consultant Appcino | Xebia IT Architect 08-01-2024 Jaipur 8+ years Powershell,Azure Cloud ,Ansible,Terraform,Yaml,GitLab and Azure Devops,Kubernetes,jenkins Closed

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