Futuion Tech CRM Tools helps to coordinate your sales process and improve your team’s performance with a complete set of features, including sales pipeline management, project & task management, collaboration, billing, and reporting.

MFH has been helping Futuion Tech to develop their Sales Management, User Management, Accounts Management and other softwares for long time. MFH has achieved customer satisfaction from Futuion Tech.


AIOps, MLOps, AI, & ML

Develop strategy to leverage options to setup AIOps & MLOps for all the AI and ML Projects in Quantum.
Strategy to setup CICD to automate to deploy registered models after training the Models for LLMA2 or Text2Sql or any other.


IPCC Product Development

To develop IPCC(IP Contact Center) Product with Asterisk Software & AWS RDS MySQL DB Instance. AWS Secrets Manager is used to manage credential of RDS DB, also password rotation period is set in Secrets Manager. After set interval RDS DB login password gets changed (rotated). Email notification should be sent to product team for both the events when password rotation is successful or gets failed.

Jenkins pipeline job should be triggered to fetch latest password from AWS Secrets Manager after every successful password rotation event. Then the latest password is updated in asterisk configuration file (odbc.ini) in Asterisk server using ansible automation. So that the server can continue DB CRUD operations even after password rotation.


T-Mobile Polska S.A. is a Polish mobile phone network operator. The company was formerly named Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (lit. “Polish Digital Telephony”) and operated under the name Era, until being rebranded as T-Mobile on 5 June 2011. As in other European countries, the company operates a GSM network. Following a decade-long ownership dispute with the French Vivendi corporation, the company has been wholly owned by the German telecommunications provider Deutsche Telekom since 2010

We have been supporting T-Mobile, USA to implement DevOps Practices by automating their Big Data environment with CICD.

MFH has migrated multiple products to Azure DevOps Cloud platform Successfully.


is India’s main content delivery platform, with pay television and over-the-top (OTT) services. It commenced operations in 2006 after being created in 2001. Tata Sky was the first to provide a number of products and services that revolutionized customers’ viewing experiences by allowing them to connect to the world’s most acceptable content on any budget, screen, time and location.

MFH is developing OTT platform for Ray frames Media Co. So far journey with Ray frames has been very exiciting and product development has been satisfactory to the company.


Healthcare has a robust presence across the healthcare ecosystem. From routine wellness & preventive health care to innovative life-saving treatments and diagnostic services




Jenkins Pipeline for java base web application using Maven,SonarQube, Ansible and (EKS) Kubernetes

The project involves building and deploying a Java application using a CI/CD pipeline.

Overall, this project demonstrates how to integrate various tools commonly used in software development to streamline the
development process, improve code quality, and automate deployment.