Project Tracker – Access to the Billing Console in AWS for the Production account.

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📅 Schedule : 7:35 PM IST, 21-Feb-2023End to End Connection to AWS RDS Instance through .pgpass file or Secret Manager👨‍🔧 Connect to database through .pgpass file / Secrect Manager .
how to create a secret in secret manager with customer managed key encryption.
how to create secret policy and attach that policy to user (service account)
how to use jq commands
how to set access key, id and region to connect to aws account
command to connect to RDS instance – psql -h ” -p ” -U ‘username’ -p ‘<password’
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✍️ need to write shell script to connect to 18 instance in different aws accounts either using .pgpass file approach or secret manager approach.
Click : Connection to AWS RDS InAWS RDS Instance through .pgpass file or Secret ManagerSuprajaCompleted

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