Visualise Cloudwatch metrics to Grafana

Design and Architecture

Problem Statement – Configure Monitoring alerts to grafana from cloudwatch metrics

Status – POC Completed

Solution : Implement Grafana with Cloudwatch metrics

Steps :

  • Create a EC2 server into AWS console(Recommended Ubuntu OS)
  • Install docker into it (Reference :
  • Configure Grafana container into it using below command (docker run -d –restart always –name=grafana -p 3000:3000 grafana/grafana)
  • Expose 3000 port from EC2 machine
  • Open the IP with :3000
  • Default credentials for grafana would be admin:admin
  • You can set the password which you like
  • From AWS IAM create a user with programmatic access which is having Cloudwatch Full Access.
  • In Grafana, Go to Configuration > Data Sources > Add new Data Source.
  • Add Your Data Source name, Access Key, Secret Key, and Default region.
  • Click on Test and Save.
  • From Grafana dashboard find the Dashboard according to your usecase. (Link :
  • Go to Dashboards > Import > Add Dashboard ID you found from above link and select your datasource.
  • You will be able to see the dashboard as below

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