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1 AI Engineer for Image-to-Video Lipsync Model AI I am seeking an AI engineer with a strong background in developing lipsync models, specifically image-to-video. – Skill Required: Deep understanding of lipsync technology, focusing on image-to-video conversions. – The freelancer must demonstrate their previous work experience, highlighting projects where they successfully completed image-to-video lipsync model development. – The emphasis should be on their expertise with lipsync models over general AI experience. Interested applicants, please apply with detailed examples of past work, especially those related to lipsync models. Apply
2 Legit – source to analytic AI I’m seeking an experienced AI developer, proficient in data analysis, a variety of machine learning model development, and natural language processing to bring an image recognition project to life. Specifically, I’m looking for your contributions to: – Thoroughly analyze large quantities of data and draw insightful conclusions from it – Develop advanced machine learning models to fulfill our needs – Apply natural language processing techniques for improved project outcomes – Design and develop AI models to meet project requirements – Convert AI/ML models into APIs that other developers can use – Perform statistical analysis on big data sets – Manage project infrastructure and the development of AI models and projects – Work with other machine learning engineers, data engineers, and AI engineers to develop machine learning models Below are the qualifications expected of an artificial intelligence engineer: Bachelor’s degree or several years of experience in computer science, data science, software development, or another related field; a master’s degree is recommended Solid understanding of common programming languages used in AI, such as Python, Java, C++, and R Advanced knowledge of statistical and algorithmic models as well as of fundamental mathematical concepts, such as linear algebra and probability Experience working with large data sets and writing efficient code capable of processing large data streams at speed Familiarity with deep learning and machine learning algorithms and the use of popular AI/ML frameworks Excellent communication skills The ideal candidate will have substantial experience with Python, Java, R programming and API handling. Your main task will be to leverage these languages to develop an AI system centered on image recognition. The project goals are challenging, and I expect you to come in armed with the requisite skills and ability to communicate complex concepts clearly. Apply
    3 Create Custom Image Dataset for AI/ML Projects Using Python     AI Data is the basic requirement for any data science projects. Dataset can be available in any type depending on the project. Data can be present in the form of audio, video, text, images, etc. A good amount of dataset is required to train a robust machine learning/deep learning model. Apply
4 Unleashing Financial Analytics with PyQuant: A Comprehensive Guide with Advanced Python Code Data Science In the dynamic world of finance, the ability to analyze vast datasets and perform complex calculations is crucial. PyQuant, a Python package designed for quantitative analysis and financial modeling, empowers developers and data scientists to dive deep into financial data with ease. In this article, we will explore the PyQuant package and provide ten advanced Python code examples to demonstrate its capabilities. Apply

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