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SN Project Name Project Description Apply Form
1 Jenkins Pipeline for java base web application using Maven, SonarQube, Ansible and (EKS) Kubernetes To automate the build, test, and deployment process of a Java-based web application using Jenkins and integrating various tools such as Maven, SonarQube, Ansible, and Kubernetes (specifically EKS).Designing and optimizing AWS databases and data lakes for efficient data management and analysis.   Closed
2 Java App Devloyment on Kubernetes Cluster The objective of this project is to automate the deployment process of a Java application on a Kubernetes cluster. By leveraging Kubernetes, the project aims to achieve scalability, resilience, and efficient management of the Java application. Creating scalable AWS architecture for Spark and SageMaker workflows.”    Closed
3 Rancher RKE2 Setup for Multiple Clusters I’m in need of an expert in Rancher to create a highly available setup. This will include a bootstrap cluster and multiple downstream clusters. Our aim is to establish a new infrastructure. Key Requirements: – Expert level Rancher skills – Proficiency in setting up and configuring Rancher Kubernetes Engine 2 (RKE2) – Experience with building and managing 3-tier architecture – Familiarity with designing for high availability clusters Initially, we plan to integrate 1 to 3 downstream clusters. The freelancer will need to adhere to a provided design, ensuring the setup is robust and scalable. The goal of this project is to create a stable, versatile infrastructure that can accommodate our growing needs.  Closed
4 AWS S3 Integration with Github Code The task involving the completed code currently uploaded on Github. The focus is on implementing it to operate with AWS S3 for the CI/CD process. The required services are exclusively S3 since it is the only selected AWS service. An existing AWS account is already available, minimizing the time needed for account setup. I am preferably looking to contract someone with: – Expertise in DevOps – Extensive knowledge of Github and AWS S3 – Experience in CI/CD – Familiarity with AWS accounts  closed
5 Next.js and Python Flask Deployment on HTTPS Domain am in need of a DevOps Engineer who is proficient in hosting Next.js and Python Flask applications on a dedicated domain. Currently, the project is deployed on an AWS GPU server, however, it’s not accessible through the domain. Key Requirements: – Proficient in DevOps to facilitate hosting. – Experienced in deploying and hosting Next.js and Python Flask applications. – Ability to configure the HTTPS domain for the project. – Familiarity with AWS GPU server configuration. Your primary task will be to ensure the proper configuration and deployment of the project on the HTTPS domain. This includes setting up the necessary security measures and ensuring the website is accessible to users through our company’s domain. Please share your relevant experience and skills in your bid.        Closed
6 Python Web App with AWS Lambda I am looking for a Python developer who can help me build a web application that integrates with AWS Lambda functions to access DynamoDB. The primary goal of this app is to streamline data access and processing. Key responsibilities will include: – Developing a secure, reliable web app with Python – Utilizing AWS Lambda functions for DynamoDB access – Ensuring efficient data handling and processing The ideal candidate should have: – Strong experience in Python web development – Proficiency with AWS services, especially Lambda and DynamoDB – A good understanding of data handling and processing – Prior experience with serverless architectures would be a plus. Your main focus will be on the backend, so front-end development is not required. If you have these skills and are interested in working on a project that involves data manipulation and AWS services, please reach out.          Closed
7 Grafana 10 Alert Migration Assistance I’m seeking a professional to help migrate my existing Grafana 8 alerts to Grafana 10. Your proposal should include detailed project plans and timelines for completing the following tasks: – Alert Configuration: This includes setting up and configuring alerts based on specific metrics, thresholds and conditions. – Alert Rule Mapping: You’ll be responsible for ensuring that all alert rules are correctly mapped from Grafana 8 to Grafana 10. – Alert Notifications: Set up the necessary alert notifications to ensure they are received by the relevant parties promptly and efficiently. Ideal candidates should have: – Extensive experience with Grafana and its alerting system – A proven track record of successful alert migration projects – Excellent communication skills and a proactive approach to problem-solving. While not mandatory, experience with Prometheus, Elasticsearch, and MySQL would be a plus given the data sources we’re currently using.      Closed
8 DevOps + MLOps Multiple Member Team Setup We are seeking a DevOps and MLOps expert to work on the setup and integration of essential platforms, including AWS and GitHub, within our multi-member team environments.          Closed
9 Lambda Python function for User Creation in DynamoDB I need to create an AWS Lambda function for user creation in DynamoDB. For Endpoint creation – API Gateway For User auth – JWT     Closed
10 Deploying 3-Tier Architecture with 8 Services and 2 Databases on Amazon EKS | E-commerce Robot Shop The 3-tier architecture is a common design pattern in software development that organizes an application’s components into three interconnected layers or tiers. Each tier serves a specific purpose and has distinct responsibilities. Apply
11 End-to-End CI/CD Pipeline for Flask Application Based on GitOps We are going to start from scratch to deploy our application into a K8S Cluster. First, we start by looking at our application. It is a Simple Flask application that just prints some message on a web page. But I recommend trying your own source code. You can also try out different programming languages. I just want to show you the approach. You can try your own source code. Apply
12 Terraform-Jenkins-S3: Automating Infrastructure Setup and CI/CD Pipeline for Static Website Deployment. In this project, I will be using Terraform to orchestrate the setup of a Jenkins environment on AWS EC2, create an S3 bucket, and establish a robust CI/CD pipeline to efficiently deploy a static website on AWS S3. Closed
13 3-Tier Application Deployment in K8 Cluster Three-tier Application Deployment Apply
14 DevSecOps: Blue-Green Deployment of Swiggy-Clone on AWS ECS with AWS Code Pipeline In the realm of modern software development, DevSecOps practices are gaining prominence for their emphasis on integrating security seamlessly into the software development lifecycle. One critical aspect of this approach is implementing efficient deployment strategies that not only ensure reliability but also maintain security standards. In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of Blue-Green deployment and demonstrate how to apply it to a Swiggy-clone application hosted on AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service) using AWS CodePipeline. Apply
15 End-to-End CI/CD DevOps with Jenkins, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, SonarQube, ArgoCD, AWS EC2, EKS, and GitHub Actions (Django Deployment) Building an end-to-end CI/CD pipeline for Django applications using Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, EKS, ArgoCD, GitHub Actions, AWS EC2, and Terraform can be quite a robust setup. In this article, we will guide you through setting up a comprehensive CI/CD pipeline using AWS EC2, AWS EKS, Jenkins, Github actions, Docker, trivy scan, SonarQube, ArgoCD, Kubernetes cluster of your choice, and terraform Apply
16 Streamlining CI/CD For Deploying Reddit Clone on a Multinode Kubernetes Cluster Our project revolves around automating the deployment process of a Reddit Clone application using a CI/CD pipeline. We start by cloning the application’s code repository from GitHub using the Source Code Management (SCM) stage. Subsequently, we build a Docker image of the application in the Build stage, push it to Docker Hub for storage and distribution in the Push stage, and then deploy the Docker container to the Quality Assurance Testing (QAT) environment in the Deploy stage. Following deployment, we execute tests on the application to ensure its functionality and stability in the Test stage. Once the testing is successful, an approval is sought in the Approve stage before deploying the application to the Multinode Kubernetes cluster in the Final Deployment stage. Apply
17 Building a Jenkins-Driven CI/CD Pipeline on AWS with Terraform, Docker, and Ansible Containerizing Applications with Ansible: A Deep Dive into Configuration Apply
18 Deploying an Application to Kubernetes Cluster using Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline magine you have your application running in your Kubernetes cluster. Every once in a while, there are some changes made to the application, and all you need to do is execute the kubectl command which will apply your new changes to the application in the cluster. Apply
19 Continuous Deployment with Jenkins, Elastic Container Registry and Elastic Container Service In this project, we will explore the integration of Jenkins, Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR), and Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) to establish a Continuous Deployment pipeline for a containerized application, showcasing the implementation of these concepts in a real-world scenario. Apply
20 Deploying Java Full Stack App, into K8s cluster | Jenkins CICD Pipeline Streamlining Continuous Integration and Deployment with Jenkins for a Java Full Stack Application in Kubernetes Apply
21 Netflix Clone CI-CD with Monitoring | Email | we will be deploying a Netflix clone. We will be using Jenkins as a CICD tool and deploying our application on a Docker container and Kubernetes Cluster and we will monitor the Jenkins and Kubernetes metrics using Grafana, Prometheus and Node exporter. Apply
22 Development of Azure Alert Notification System with Voice alert notification Action  Development of Azure Alert Notification System with Voice alert notification Action Project Overview: We need a skilled developer to create a system that automates Azure alert notifications through voice calls using the Azure Monitoring system. The system should utilize HTTP POST requests to trigger alerts and initiate voice call notifications based on predefined criteria. Closed
23 Deploy Two-Tier Architecture on AWS using Terraform In the world of cloud computing, infrastructure as code (IaC) plays a pivotal role in automating the deployment and management of resources. This blog post provides a step-by-step guide on creating a Two-Tier architecture on AWS using Terraform. We’ll explore the essential services involved, ensuring high availability, security, and scalability for hosting a static website. Apply
24 Deployment of Amazon clone app using Terraform and jenkins ci-cd deploy amazon app in aws ec2 using terraform as a infrastructure building tool and then we automate the whole process using the jenkins which allows us continuous integration and continuous deployment (ci-cd) and then we setup Promotheus and grafana for monitering Apply
25 Deployment of Tetris game on Kubernetes and Automating it with argo-cd and terraform via jenkins Pipeline deploy 2 version of tetris game on aws EKS ckuster for this we are using terraform to create a base instance called the jenkins server than from this intance we setup pipeline for two version of tetris , which build docker image and push it to dockerhub than setup eks cluster and argo cd inside the cluster to deploy our application Apply

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