MFH Lab : Azure Powershell

Create VM using a specific image

“Azure PowerShell is intriguing and yet simple to master.” — Rohit Singh

In continuation to my earlier video tutorial on Azure PowerShell, I have come up with a video tutorial on how to provision a new Virtual Machine not with the default Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Data Center edition but with a specific operating system image.

This requirement of installing a specific operating system on a virtual machine can be linked to customer/application requirement.

Steps to deploy a virtual machine using a specific image includes:

  • finding a publisher viz. Microsoft Windows Server
  • finding an offer from that publisher viz. Windows Server
  • and then locating an SKU for the image to use viz. 2012 DataCenter

On identifying the required SKU, you can follow the steps from my earlier tutorial to deploy the Virtual Machine with the new switch for installing the desired operating system.

Tutorial Content:

  • Recap of the Part I tutorial where in Creating a VM, Resizing a VM, Stopping and Decommissioning a VM using Azure PowerShell
  • A brief discussion on Pay as you Go pricing for B2ms and B1ms hardware profile size
  • Overview of the need to create a VM using a specific Image based on Customer/Application requirement
  • Steps to provision a new VM with Microsoft Windows 2012 Data Center OS image


  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure Free Tier account to practice the Lab