MFH Labs : Ansible Playbook to Setup LAMP stack

Linux Apache Mysql/MariaDB PHP is shortly called as LAMP stack and it powers most of the internet websites including Facebook.

So let us look at a Sample Ansible Playbook to install LAMP stack with necessary packages and tools.

So what are going to do in this playbook

  • Connect to Remote host and execute the following tasks
    • Install all necessary packages like Apache(httpd), mariadb, php
    • Installing a firewall and enabling HTTP services
    • Start the Apache HTTPD web server.
    • Start the MariaDB server
    • Download a Sample PHP page from remote URL
    • Access the website we have built by accessng the URL

Here is the Ansible Playbook example to setup LAMP Stack

- name: Setting up LAMP Website
  user: vagrant
  hosts: testserver
  become: yes
    - name: latest version of all required packages installed
          - firewalld
          - httpd
          - mariadb-server
          - php
          - php-mysql
        state: latest

    - name: firewalld enabled and running
        name: firewalld
        enabled: true
        state: started

    - name: firewalld permits http service
        service: http
        permanent: true
        state: enabled
        immediate: yes

    - name: Copy mime.types file
        src: /etc/mime.types
        dest: /etc/httpd/conf/mime.types
        remote_src: yes

    - name: httpd enabled and running
        name: httpd
        enabled: true
        state: started

    - name: mariadb enabled and running
        name: mariadb
        enabled: true
        state: started

    - name: copy the php page from remote using get_url
        url: ""
        dest: /var/www/html/index.php
        mode: 0644

    - name: test the webpage/website we have setup
        url: http://{{ansible_hostname}}/index.php
        status_code: 200