Productionize Usage of one jar for Deployment all environments

(Non-Production Environment (NPE) & Production)


Design & Architecture

    👨‍🔧 Configured build pipeline for Release branch for Main or Upstream Repo
          Add yourself as Approver in PR_Approvers list
         – Renamed azure-pipelines.yml to Azure-Pipelines-Pre_Prod.yml
         – Updated Pre_Prod build pipeline to choose Azure-Pipelines_Prod.yml
         – Created Azure-Pipelines_Prod.yml on Pre_Prod
          – Raise dPR to merge to Release branch. (Multiple Cherry picks)
         – Created new Build pipeline for Release branch and choose Azure-Pipelines_Prod.yml
                To identify the path, Run a pipeline with the source as $(Pipeline.Workspace) to deploy to common_test_app.
                – Updated the pipeline similar to testenv. Make sure to provide Right Source path to deploy.
                – Updated Azure-Piplines_Prod.yml with the tasks 
                        1. Downloaded Artifacts
                        2. Deployed to Azure Functions App

Pending Action Items       
    👨‍🔧 Developer to Validate the deployment to test Function App 
    👨‍🔧 Update Production App Settings in the “Deploy Azure Functions App”
    👨‍🔧 Send email to test the deployment to Production.
    👨‍🔧 Set Azure Devops user permissions to restrict unauthorized memebers not to change the Build Policies.

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