Terms and Conditions to Join MFH

As you know MFH grooming sessions are totally free and more over when you are in L2 / L3 Team you have the opportunity to earn on projects.

We have below contributions & commitments to be made while you are part of the MFH DevSecOps Team :

  1. 90 % attendance in grooming sessions you enrolled.
  2. Collaborate & contribute in the sessions.
  3. Improve your skills by writing at least 3 DevOps Blogs/Articles
  4. Improve your knowledge by creating at-least 10 groups for each post in https://myfuturehub.com/groups/
    & Help at-least 10 Kubernetes issues/queries posted by other users.
  5. Work till completion on at least 3 DevOps realtime projects lead by L2/L3 Team.

Upon fulfilling above, your performance will be reviewed and you will be promoted to L2/L3 DevSecOps Team to work on Paid client DevOps projects.

If you agree to above terms & conditions you can proceed to fill below form. Upon reviewing your application, you will be provided Microsoft Teams account and added to L1/L2/L3 Team based on your skillset.

MFH DevOps Consultation Services

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MFH Devops Consulation
#4-72-1/1. 1st Floor, Beach Road Lawson’s Bay Colony, Near Shanti Ashram, Opp. Bharat Petroleum, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh – 530017