Additional commands for linux

  1. Pipe command in Linux 
  1. What is apt repository 
  1. How to install packages from apt repository 
  1. Working with vi editor 
  1. What Is Git 
  1. Types of versions controlling  
  1. What is git bash 
  1. Configure Git 
  1. Types of files 
  1. Git init Observations 
  1. How to move files to Staging area 
  1. How to know the status of the files 
  1. How to move file to local repository 
  1. How to see list of commits 

Pipe command in Linux 

Here we use 2 commands as Head & Tail, head is used for top lines showing, tail is used for bottom lines showing, combination of two commands is head –3 f2 | tail –3 this command was the first result input serve to next command. 

We use commands as WC –F2 it will show the data of Word counter (WC), EX: WC –L f2 it will show the how many lines are there in F2 file. 

What is apt repository 

An APT repository is a collection of deb packages with metadata that is readable by the apt-* family of tools, namely, apt-get. 

APT repository allows you to perform package install, removal, upgrade operations on individual packages. 

How to install packages from apt repository 

Suppose we need to check the nested directories we need to use command as Tree d2 but we get an error like command not work, we need to install tree package before that we need to update it package then after that we install, for update we use command as sudo apt-get update, for install we command as sudo apt-get install tree. After that we use command as Tree d2 it will show as tree nested directory. 

Working with vi editor 

Suppose we edit a file with vi f1 and given any lines & after saving, when we check the data with cat f1 it will show the data of added lines.   

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