Commits from Child branch & Git hub remote repository

How to selectively pickup commits from child branch 

2.Git Amend 

3. How to go back to previous version of code? 

4.Remote Repository (Git hub)   

How to selectively pickup commits from child branch 

Git cherry-pick commit id commit id 

Git Ammend 

Git commit –amend -m “b” 

How to go back to previous version of code? 

Git reset-hard commit ID 

How to selectively pick up the commits from child branch (Cherry-pick) 

Command: git cherry-pick   af7f4dc    6b8166d     (commit id’s) 

Git Amend:       To change something slightly in order to make it better. 

Command: git commit –amend -m “a” 

How to go back to previous version of code: 

Command: git reset –hard c9187df 

Git Hub:  

Git Hub repository acts as your remote repository. It is a storage space where your project lives. We can keep code files, text files, images or any kind of a file in a repository 

Creating a Git Hub Repository: 

  • Go to the link. Fill the sign-up form and click on “Sign up for Git hub”. 
  • Click on “Start a new project”. 

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