Creating AWS account & AMI; connect to Linux machine through GITbash Terminal

  1. Create AWS account with Debit card with international access or credit card. 
  1. Create linux machine on AWS. 
  1. How to connect to Linux machine. 
  1. Using Gitbash terminal. 

Linux is an open-source operating system. 

You have to Install linux in your PC or by using VMS, VMS means Virtual Machine Systems. 

For example: Laptop – Operating System – VMS – Redhat OS. 

How VMS will work on this, in our laptop 500GB HD, 8GB Ram are there while we running in our system Redhat VM OS will use the 4gb ram & 60gb HD out of system requirements. 

Create Linux Machine /ubuntu on AWS 

It is a 7step procedure to linux Machine/ubuntu, below are the pictures all are defaults except securities. 

  1. It is an EC2 (Elastic Compute) instance we are creating. 
  1. Click on Launch instance whatever OS you need select it, it must be free tier eligible only. 
  1.  Hit the T2micro family it must be free tier eligible only. 
  1. Choose AMI, Choose Instance type, Configure Instance, Add Storage all are defaults. 
  1. At finally hit on review and launch. 
  1. It will ask existing key pair or new pair, download key pair extension with .pem & save the file in your PC. 
  1. After that review the launch instances. 
  1. Click on connect the instance with SSH client 
  1. Open the folder of saved .pem key and click on right click hit on GIT Bash Here, copy ssh key and paste there if any questions ask there click yes. Then it will connect the terminal to EC2 instance, check the IP address of EC2 both IP address are matched then terminal is working. 

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