Understand SDLC before learning DevOps

SDLC Software development life cycle 

Waterfall Model – 

a) Requirement – Take client requirements what they need. 

b) Analysis – Technologies used in this, java, python. 

c) Design – Modules, Data flow diagram. 

d) Coding – Developer needs to prepare the code & moved to testing. 

e) Testing – Tester need to test the application and update to client. 

f) Acceptance – At everything client will accept the application. 

Drawbacks – 

Freeze client requirement, time taken, expensive cost 

Agile Model –  

Agile model is also known as incremental model. Software is developed in incremental, rapid cycles. 

Agile model easier as compared to Waterfall model, in this agile model suppose we assume a bank application, requirements team take the information from client & update to analysis team, Team will analyze the data, after that design team will work on it, like that every team will work on it in mean while analysis team working, requirement take the new requirements from client like that remaining team will work simultaneously and 70% faster agile than the waterfall model. 

Research will do by IT industry up to 4yrs, where is the delay on product delivery, they came to conclude that Gap between in Development & Operation teams. 

Tools are covered –  

Linux, GIT, Maven, Jenkins, Docker and Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Ansible, Nagios. 

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