•  AWS: stands for Amazon web service 
  • Amazon company is the provider of Aws cloud  
  • Amazon company providing serval services required for application through web hence it is called Amazon web service 
  •  In order to use Aws cloud services, we need to create account in Aws 
  •                           URL: 
  • By using above URL in browse, we can use create account in Aws 
  •  when we create account in Aws by default it will be created as Root Account 
  •  We can create Two types of accounts we can create in Aws 
  •   1)   Root Account 
  •   2)    IAM Account    ( Identity Access Management) 
  •  company will manage Root account and as a team member we will use IAM 
  • Account 
  •  Once Root account is created, with Root account we can create several IAM accounts for  
  •       managing works in Aws 
  • Aws providing all types of services which are required for application they are 
  •                                         -> Machines 
  •                                         -> Servers 
  •                                         -> Databases 
  •                                         -> Storage 
  •                                         -> Network 
  •                                        -> Security 
  •                                         ->Analytics 
  •                                        ->Monitoring etc…. 
  •  Aws providing services across the globe using Regions & Availability Zones (AZ) 
  • Aws having Global Infrastructure 
  •  Region means Geographical Location 
  • Availability Zone means “Data Center” 
  •  Data center is facility that provides shared access to applications and data using    Complex network  
  • Aws is having 26 regions and 84 Availability Zones 
  • In India we have 1 region I.e Mumbai, in that region we have 3 Az’s 
  1. Region can have multiple Az’s 
  1. Az’s is also called as data center 
  1. Server/Instances are placed in Data center  
  1. It is highly recommended to keep our servers in multiple Availability zones 
  1. If 1 Az go down, our servers will be running in another Az 
  • So now we need to Steup windows machine In Aws cloud and keep some data in that machine 
  • In Aws we have more than 200 services  

=> So, let’s now discuss about EC2  

  •  EC2   Stands for Amazon elastic compute could 
  • Amazon EC2 is most well-known services, offers businesses the ability to run applications on the public cloud 
  • EC2  provides resizable computing in the could so developers can enjoy great scalability for building applications 
  • Instead of purchasing your own hardware and connecting it to a network, Amazon gives you nearly unlimited virtual machines to run your applications while they take care of the hardware 
  • AWS supports multiple operating systems from Windows to many flavors of Linux etc. As a customer, you are also able to bring your own custom OS and run it on their     platform              

=> Launching Windows Machine Using AWS EC2: 

           1) Create Account in AWS  

           2) Login into AWS Account using your credentials 

  • We should keep suitable region  
  • After selecting our region, we need go to services there we find EC2 and click on it  
  • In above picture we can see instances(running) is zero, so we need launch an instance so click on the launch instance and after that we need to choose AMI (Amazon Machine Image) in that we need to find out what type of computer we want and which operating system we want  
  • In this there so many AMI are available  
  •  We can select which types of AMI’s we want 
  • So, I selected windows server 2022 base 
  • Now we need to select the instance type (t2. micro and click on next) 
  • And configure the number of instances  
  • And add the storage how much we want by default it will 30  
  • And add the tag and we need to check and configure groups and review and instance launch and at last click on launch  
  • When it launches, we need select key pair –> choose name –> Download key pair 
  • Once instance is launched you can see the below msg  
  • If we click on the msg we can see the instance status or we can go to dashboard and we can check the instance status  
  • And we see that instance is running once you select the check box there will be a connect option and once, we click on the connect option and we can see Ip and DNS 
  • Once we click on the connect option then it will go to the next screen and there, we need to select RDP client. In the RDP client we can see the Public DNS and username  
  • So, click on get password now browse to your key we have downloaded one keypad file we have to upload it browse it  
  • Browse it and downloads upload that file browse it upload that file decrypt password  
  • So finally got the password this is my password, and we have address name    and username password is also available, so it is sufficient to connect my windows vm using RDP client now 
  • From my computer I can connect it to Windows VM Available in my EC2 now, yes using that details I will connect for that first let me copy this address go to remote desktop connection and give the address and paste the address and click on connect 
  • And it is connecting to that computer, so it is asking username and password 
  • So, copy the administrator is my username and copy the password and click on OK now it is connected and click on yes so now I am connecting from my computer to my windows computer which is available in AWS  
  • Now we successfully able to launch one windows machine in AWS and we able to connect it to that machine in the we able to connect to that machine from our machine by using RDP client which is called Remote desktop  
  • RDP desktop connection I’m able to connecting from one computer to another computer one computer is my local computer another computer is EC2 computer that is called EC2 machine  
  • Successful we able to launch one machine is it my computer now or easy to machine   

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