What’s New in DevOps ?

Pulumi is an open-source infrastructure as code (aC) tool that lets you use familiar programming languages like Python, Go, and JavaScript to define your infrastructure.
This makes it easier to manage and version your infrastructure, and to collaborate with other developers.

SOPS is a tool for managing secrets in a secure way.it uses a combination of encryption, version control, and policy enforcement to keep your secrets safe.

Trivy is a tool for scanning container images for Vulnerabilities. it can seen images from a variety of registries, and it supports a wide range of vulnerability of databases.

Cluster API is a tool for managing Kubernetes clusters. it provides a consistent way to create, manage, and destroy Kubernetes clusters across a variety of infrastructure providers.

Linkerd is a service mesh that helps to improve the performance,reliability,and security of microservices applications. it does this by providing a variety of features, such as load balancing, service discovery, and fault tolerance.

GithHub Actions is a CI/CD platform that lets you automate your workflows. it supports a variety of actions, such as building, testing, and deploying your code.

Tekton is a CI/CD framework that lets you build, deploy, and manage containerized applications. it is a based on Kubernetes, and it supports a variety of features, such a pipelines, tasks, and resources.

HashiCorp Harness is a full-stack continous delivery platform that helps teams delivery software faster and more reliably.

it provides a single place to manage all aspects of the software delivery life cycle, from planning and development to testing and deployment.

9. GitOps

GitOps happens to be one of the best DevOps new trends that have been added to the DevOps workflow. It helps control, monitor, and automate infrastructure. Based on the Kubernetes paradigm, it has given IT operation managers and developers the ability to utilize Git for collecting and deploying several applications.

GitOps takes all of the best DevOps practices, such as collaboration, version control Al, compliance, and CI/CD, into consideration and applies them to the infrastructure of automation. It additionally emphasizes increasing releases as well as consistent delivery to create, test, and deploy software fastly and with maximum efficiency

10. AIOps

MLOps and AIOps are two of the most renowned trending DevOps tools. They have been estimated to become a 40.91 billion dollar entity by the year 2026. Essential to optimize the DevOps operations to reap the benefits of high quality and quick release where MLOps and AIOps are important role-players. AIOps help automates IT processes and operations, whereas MLOps strengthens the development system of machine learning. Therefore, with AIOps, it is easy to identify the main cause of the problems that hamper operational productivity, and with MLOps, it is easy to optimize operations and enhance productivity.

This is one of the most widely used DevOps future trends, which has also been integrated into a platform named DRYiCE IntelliOps, developed by HCL. As a solution that addresses the full stack AIOps of the Enterprise as well as its observability requirements, it specializes in transforming the customers of HCL from reactive to proactive. They carried this out with the help of incident management and also by providing more visibility into the infrastructure. Moogsoft has supported this translation of customers into Agile business practitioners without HCL incurring additional costs of operations. This helped in the reduction of help desk tickets by 62%, MTTR by 33%, and also streamlined hassle-free cloud migration. 

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